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The Melting Pot Of Cultures
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Where East meets West

Bosnia and Herzegovina as the name suggest is something divided and joined at the same time. Through centuries dominated by the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarians filtered through the Southern Slavic lens. A true kaleidoscope of people, culture, traditions, political intrigues, natural resources, and maybe most valuable, openheartedness towards its guests, which is not met every day. The most epic winter Olympics were held in Sarajevo in 1984, an unforgettable event in many ways which people still live to tell. A multicultural place, living in peace, and then suddenly, like a steppe fire, turned into a war zone from which modern Bosnia-Herzegovina has risen today. The nature of Bosnia and Herzegovina leaves its visitors speechless, mountains make up more than four-fifths of the country’s territory belonging to the Dinaric Alps Mountain range. Sixty mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina have peaks over 1500 meters above sea level, with the highest peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina measuring 2386 meters. Winter tourism is popular and attracts many tourists but also summers call for hiking. The valleys of Herzegovina are mostly covered with vineyards in these parts you will experience the true meaning of the word “summer heath”.

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The Big Balkan Tour
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Are you one of those people who always dreamt of doing a Balkan tour ? Well, we have good news for you - since we ourselves are in love with this region and its history and beauty we made this ultima...
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