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The heart of the Balkans
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Eclectic and diverse with many contrasts are some of the few words you can use to describe Serbia. Once a part of the former Yugoslavian Republic with Belgrade as capital and Novi Sad as the second biggest town in Serbia there are for sure many great places to visit. Modern life vs. life in more remote parts of the country, fantastic natural sceneries and mountains combined with local food such as “Grilled meat from Leskovac” – just sensing the smell can throw a grown man of his feet and if you are still standing then a sip of the typical brandy “Sljivovica” will definitely take you down. UNESCO sights with Roman archeology, Orthodox monasteries, National Parks, wine regions, and ski-resort are some of the many places you can visit in Serbia.

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The Big Balkan Tour
15 - 35 people
Are you one of those people who always dreamt of doing a Balkan tour ? Well, we have good news for you - since we ourselves are in love with this region and its history and beauty we made this ultima...
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